You CAN sit with us.

New communities all the time.

Garbett Homes’ VIP List is a FREE way for our customers to be among the first in the public to learn about new Garbett Homes communities. Members of the VIP List will receive special emails informing them of the latest in the community or communities that they sign up for. This communication will usually occur at about 30 days before the general public or members that are not on the VIP List. Allowing the customers that are the most passionate about getting into a Garbett home to have a better chance of getting into a Garbett home.

Is this a Wait List? Absolutely not. A Garbett Homes Community VIP list, allows us to communicate with our most passionate and interested prospective prospects. Joining is free, the first member of the list and the 500th member of the list get the same information about the community they joined. There is no special weight given to how long you’ve been on the VIP List.

What if I no longer want to be a VIP? You can leave at any time. This list is built to give you information about the Garbett Homes Community or Communities you signed up for before the general public. If for whatever reason that you are no longer interested you can leave with no penalty.

What if I get a home somewhere else? We’re sorry to see you go but hope that you keep us in mind if you look for another home in the future. You can sign up for another VIP list in the future even if you go with another home builder or buy an older home.

If you would like to know more about our VIP List before joining, please reach out to our New Homes Specialist by calling at 801-456-2476 or over email at

Become a V.I.P.