Giving back to Utah means the world to us.

At Garbett Homes we are passionate about creating positive change in the environment by building modern, high efficiency, healthy homes that enhance the quality of life for our customers, employees and the community.  For Garbett, giving back is not just a part of our business, it’s in every home we build. It’s a company culture that starts with our leadership and carries through to every Garbett home built.    Below are some of the local and national organizations to which has Garbett donated:

U of U writing Scholars
Habitat for Humanity
Ballet West
The Other Side Movers
South Valley Services
Building Youth AW
Shelter the Homeless
O2 Utah
Salt Lake Choral Artists
Wasatch Community Gardens
Utah Food Bank
Utah Foundation
Center for Constitutional
Studies at UVU
Girl Scouts of Utah

Giving back is a worldwide effort.

Giving back is a worldwide effort. Since 1998, Escalera has provided hundreds of thousands of students with the motivation to continue going to school. We have achieved this by providing students with scholarships, creating classroom activities and building classrooms. As we’ve grown and learned more about the students in Chiapas and their needs, we have changed our programs to ensure the best results.

To do this, we measure our programs through a randomized control trial. This helps us better understand our programs’ impact. Let’s say we have a group of ten schools, five schools will be randomly selected to receive our program while five will be the comparison group. We use this method because RCTs are considered the best method to measure impact and it helps us update our program year to year and provide students with what will motivate them the most to stay in school.

Water Mission

Water Mission is on the ground providing emergency safe water solutions to communities that were devastated by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas, including Marsh Harbour, Elbow Cay, & Green Turtle Cay. Your Garbett home purchase will help those affected. Dorian made a direct hit on the Abacos, and news reports estimate that 70,000 residents have lost their homes. Clean, safe water is one of the most important needs for those affected by the storm.

We sent aid to those affected by Hurricane Dorian by donating $250 for every home sold from Sept. 15 though Oct. 31, 2019. The donation did not affect the price of our homes and 100% of the donation went directly to the efforts provided by Water Mission.

Why buying local matters.

When you spend your hard earned money with a locally owned, independent businesses, it doesn’t add to the coffers of a faceless corporation. It’s recirculated through our local economy. It pays the wages of local workers. It’s spent to procure other goods and services locally. It reinforces our tax base, ensuring that our local governments can provide vital services like roads, parks, emergency response, and public schools.

When we remove our money from our local economy by making an online purchase, or buying from a big box retailer, it might save us a few bucks individually, but we pay a much greater cost as a community.

Beyond the economic reasons, there are numerous ways in which buying locally enhances our community, deepens civic engagement and creates healthier, safer neighborhoods.

Building a better community.

We believe there’s more to business than the bottom line. As we’ve been fortunate enough to experience great success over the years, we’re filled with a sense of responsibility to give back. For this reason we have teamed up with our partners to donate one percent of the cost of each home to help some of the world’s most impoverished students. By working with Foundation Escalera, we’re able to help build classrooms (100), provide scholarships and create educational materials for those who so desperately need them. Here’s to 100 more!

How a well built home benefits your community.

Green construction fills an important need; it offers a much-needed alternative to the status quo, which is essential, given the current state of the climate, new environmental protection laws, and rising costs.Additionally, natural resources are becoming scarcer and more expensive, squeezing already tight margins. Despite these challenges, humans are looking for increasing levels of comfort in their homes.

Green construction is a method of constructing homes and buildings which utilizes environmentally friendly techniques while creating a sustainable and energy-efficient final product. The advantages are many, including long-term savings and numerous benefits for the home owners. Perhaps most importantly, it gives homeowners an active role in protecting against climate changes and preserving natural resources for future generations.

How you can give back.

Save Energy.

If you cannot live in a high efficiency Garbett home, check out some ways to help your home save energy and give a better carbon footprint back you your own community. Click below for some tips on how to start saving!

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Water Wisely.

Water saving comes standard in a Garbett home, from localscapes landscaping to water wise plumbing fixtures.  It’s no secret we live in a desert, carefully consider low flow of water wise plumbing fixture upgrades to your home and check out the premise of localscape below for your own yard. 

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Buy Local.

When we remove our money from our local economy by making an online purchase, or buying from a big box retailers, it might save us a few bucks individually, but we pay a much greater cost as a community.

Volunteer & Donate.

Invest in your community buy donating to causes that support those things you would like to see enhanced or changed.  Maybe donating monetarily isn’t something your budget will allow, but don’t undervalue the non-monetary donation of your time.

Are you ready to go green?

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